Our organization is always looking for additional people to work with such as cultural entrepreneurs who would like to create their own ECC-Satellite in their country. We are always interested in connecting with curators, exhibition organisers or all other people who like to cooperate and work with one of the already existing ECC-Satellites. Our interests are in people who are committed, compassionate and care about vital human values such as honesty, openness, awareness, inclusivity, sharing. The kind of artist that at the same time understands the importance of hard work, dedication and maintains a  realistic approach in order to execute quality cultural projects. The goal of the reward will not be focused on profits, but on personal growth and experience and positivity, which will in hope encourage many more.

At the moment we are considering a few options, for example in our ECC-Italy satellite, as part of our organizational team in Venice, organising large art and architecture exhibitions and other cultural events. Another possibility is that we could discuss more the possibility to create a new ECC-Satellite in your country, together with you as an independent cultural entrepreneur. In the case that you are interested to discuss your ideas with us, please feel free to contact us with a short bio, as well as why you would like to join the European Culture Centre.

Please email Nina Comini at